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Beau Renfro: the Open Range Band

Starting with the oldest member first, Rick Skinner. Rick has made a good name for himself in Tucson, playing at most all of the night clubs around. His bass guitar playing is surpassed only by his voice. If you have heard any of our performances and listen to that voice that sounds maybe like Willie or Johnny Cash, well that's Rick. When Beau is singing and you heard the harmony behind him, again, That's Rick. Rick Skinner is a great Entertainer with a lot of feeling with each song he sings. He has backed up many Country Stars that came to Tucson, playing at the Old Maverick back in the day. I could name many stars that have sounded better all because Rick Skinner was playing Bass behind them.


When Harry Bolin first came to the band, I have to said he fit in better than any drummer I have worked with in many years. Beat with a feeling of knowing the song and being sure of what the singer would like. He is not only a great drummer but a great guy who does not say much but does a great deal to make our sound the top of the line. He adds harmony to each songs as well. We have had other drummers that could play, but Harry Bolin performs each song with a clear cut, right on target, get your boots on and let's dance, beat to each song.


Last but not least, the spark that set the Clear Country Band apart from just any band. Listen close to the start of each song. Count one..two..three.. and you'll hear what we listen for to start each song. Beau calls the song and Mickey G makes sure all the band hears and knows what chord, beat and song we're doing.

 Mickey G, comes for a long list of Texas pickers who loves what thy do. Just give him a Country Song and tell him what key and let's go. No need to ask if he knows the song, come on let's go. His voice is like all the other guys in the band, top notch. The songs are pure lonesome country and sometimes lanced with a hard Rock and Roll feeling that would make the Pope dance. Even with a packed house or two or three people, entertainment is what it's all about for Mickey G.

The Clear Country Band, just because the bands name starts with Beau Renfro, all members are a big part of Arizona's #1 Country Dance Band. We would love to have you at one of our events. Keep watching this website for the next time you can come see Beau Renfro & the Clear Country Band



(Aug 25, 2013)